This is a crochet blog.

Scratch that. This is mostly a crochet blog. Like how my Tunisian hook is mostly used for making scarves, but also sometimes for fishing socks out from under the bed, herding cats, and performing soup pot drum solos.

My days are filled with freelance writing/editing and stay-at-home mommying, and my evenings are filled with yarn-inspired ambition. . .but any number of things could be monopolizing my late-night hours. Sometimes it’s an exotic combination of poopy diapers, comma splices, eBay smack downs, and good old-fashioned cat wrangling. But usually it’s crochet pattern designing.

Yarn addiction. Baby drool. Grammatical tirades. Epic bargain hunting. Hairballs. Free patterns. Grab a hook, pour a drink, and get cozy; untangling all this could take awhile.

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