You’ll Never Guess What My New Year’s Resolution Is

keep-calm-and-blog-on-158Believe it or not, my WordPress draft archive has become a bigger dumping ground for unfulfilled randomness than my Amazon shopping cart. (Damn you $35 free shipping minimum!)

Apparently that’s what happens when I delude myself into committing to counterproductive blogging ultimatums for months on end. . .like putting all potential posts on hold until I finally have a new crochet pattern ready to upload. I’d say I knew what I was thinking at the time I made that brilliant decision, but my memory recall has been temporarily crippled by the soundtrack of baby Katie’s Fisher Price toys, which may also partly explain why I haven’t managed to focus much on patterning since August.

Now that the new year has arrived, I figure its as good a time as any to dust off my backlog of blog topics and start playing catch-up, even if the crochet patterns remain few and far between for the near-term. Forthcoming posts will chronicle various crafty projects and yarn-related topics, including:

  • planning my sister’s nautical-themed bachelorette party
  • the perpetual saga of cat-proofing my yarn stash
  • the pros and cons of magnetic spice racks (and how to make your own)
  • submitting proposals to crochet magazines
  • transforming a kitchen cupboard into a toy box
  • stockpiling discontinued novelty yarn
  • pretending to be Oprah (aka, a list of my favorite crochet-related things)
  • adventures in sizing crochet baby clothes
  • teaching myself to knit (aka, why I’m convinced there’s a level of hell dedicated solely to turning the heels of socks)
  • crochet cat tuffets

Thanks for hanging in there with me in the meantime and have a very happy New Year! ♥

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